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Welcome to the North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association.  We have been established since 1976 and still growing strong.  We are excited to unveil our new website with many new options and we understand this process has not been without glitches.


Amanda Miller, President

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How To Use A Volunteer Card to Renew a Horse Registration

Follow Steps 1 and 2 under "How To Renew Your Membership".

Option 1 - Paid cash in 2017. If you paid cash/check/credit card last year, you can find your horse registration in the MIC under My Info → AccountOpen Invoices. Click the Actions button to the right of the open invoice and select Download. Download and print the invoice, attach your volunteer card, and mail to PO Box 5813, High Point, NC 20262. The $50 cost noted on the invoice will be offset by your volunteer card.

Option 2 - Used volunteer card in 2017. If you used a volunteer card in 2017 you will find your invoice in the MIC under My InfoAccountBilling History. There will be an invoice dated 12/1/2017 with a value or $0.00. Click the Actions button and select Download. Download and print the invoice, attach your volunteer card, and mail to PO Box 5813, High Point, NC 27262.

Option 3 - Used volunteer card in 2017, but would like to pay this year. Please email Subject: Paid Horse Registration. Please include your name/membership number and your horse's name/registration number in the body of the email. A new invoice will be issued and you will be notified via email.